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Novel Study: Pictures of Hollis Woods March 24, 2011

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This week we started reading the novel, Pictures of Hollis Woods.  Pick one character trait to describe Hollis.  Give evidence from the text to support your answer.

For example if I gave a trait to describe the Lemon Lady, I could write:

I would describe the Lemon Lady as mean.  In the  text it said that the Lemon Lady made Hollis spend all weekend in the yard after she walked out of school.  I agree that Hollis should have been punished, but having her spend an entire weekend outside is too harsh.  This tells me that the Lemon Lady is a mean person who mistreats Hollis.



19 Responses to “Novel Study: Pictures of Hollis Woods”

  1. cameron Says:

    I think Hollis Woods is a disrespectful person.
    I think Hollis Woods is a disrespcktful person because she called her case worker the musterd lady

  2. BRANDON Says:

    I think she is dicrespafl for riting a x on that gilr paper

  3. ISIAH Says:

    I think hollis is a brave person because when the girl told hollis that hollis didnt know anything she drew a big X on the girls papper.I also think that she is funny because she makes up nicknames such as lemonlady and musteredladie

  4. kenya Says:

    I describe Hollis as a braver penson because when the forster pranter had the knif she was sacred and she was going to locked her slef in the car.but they she didnt into the social work got out the car she got out they Hollis not scared ann more.

  5. Ricshard Says:


  6. BRANDON Says:

    i think she is dicrespafl for riting on that gilrs paper

  7. Anonymous Says:

    HOLLISWOOD is a brave person because she walked out of school and when the girl told hollis that hollis could not draw hollis made a picture of a family. and holis always call people names that she never seen

  8. makahla.j Says:

    Hollis Woods is a funny person i think she is funny because the way she name’s her foster moms with funny nick names like when she call her last foster mom lemon lady because of her lips and the way there shaped
    and her case worker muster lady because she had muster on her pants ‘ =)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Hollis woods is a person that barve because the lemon lady made Hollis stay in the bake yard for the whole weekend.she stayed in the bakeyard all weekend.long ass she had her pencile and paper that tells me she is a brave person


  10. ryan Says:

    Hollis character trait is disrespectful because she was drawing an x on a student’s paper and got in trouble for that.Another reason why she’s disrespectful because when Hollis was out in the hallway, she walk out of the school and The Lemon Lady made Hollis stay out in the yard for punishment.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hollis Woods is a funny person because she always give grown ups nicknames and she draw funny pictrue.

  12. Germin Says:

    Hollis is mean because she has been disrespctful in school nevern be good there she call people out of name and write on people homework

  13. bree Says:

    I think HollisWoods is a brave person because, when Hollis was six.she walked out the school building.It was one day when Hollis was in the car with a caseworker, and when the caseworker was talk Hollis was huming,and Hollis had her feet on the dashboard..THE END……….

  14. myron Says:

    Hollis Woods is funny because she give grown ups nicknames and she and she call them of funny name

  15. Jarrett Says:

    I describe HOLLIS as a funny person.why Because every person she meet HOLLIS came up a nick name for them.ALSO when HOLLIS had drawed a picture of ragans and threw darts at it.

  16. kianna Says:

    I think Hollis is a mean person because we now she been and a lot. But if i where Hollis i would give the lemon lady a chance because the lemon lady taked hollis and when she had no place to go.And the text it hollis draw a picture of the lemon lady that was very mean.So the best character for Hollis woods is that she’s mean.

  17. Nautica Says:

    Hollis Woods is a funny she is a bad person because when her fost mother told her at the art picture is going to take a week or a mouth. at she is going to run away. when i read Hollis Wood story i think it was a good story because when she ran away.

  18. rayquan Says:

    Hollis Woods is a girl that can ever stay in a forster family.She is a tipe of girl that runs away all the time.Because Hollis is a bad girl she have nicknames for everony she know but one. It is a boy she always think abut
    him all the time.He is the only one that she don’t have a nickname.

  19. Ricshard Says:

    hollis is smart because she was thinking about all that stuff she made up

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